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Window Types

You can make artistic choices and express your individual taste in beautiful ways by the window or combination of windows you choose. Here are the basic window types to get your started:

Awning Window Awning Window
A window hinged at the top which opens out from the bottom in an upward swing.
Bay Window Bay Window
A projecting window composed of three or more individual units. The center unit is parallel to the exterior wall with side or flanking units aligned at 30- or 45-degree angles.
Casement Window Casement Window
A hinged window with a sash that opens outward to the right or the left in a swinging motion.
Double-Hung Window Double-Hung Window
A window with an upper and lower sash, which slide vertically past each other in a single frame.
French Casement Window French Casement Window
A window comprised of a single frame in which two sashs, hinged at the sides, may be opened outwardly from the center of the frame.
French Patio Doors French Patio Doors
Patio doors featuring two panels, one of which is active and equipped with a handle and latch. The second panel has flush bolts at the head and sill, allowing it to be fixed in place or to swing open.
Geometric Windows Geometric Windows
These specialty windows are classified as either straight-line or radius geometry. Straight-line geometric windows can be either recentagle, triangle, trapezoid, octagon or pentagon in shape. Radius geometric windows are either half round, quarter round, full round, sector or ellipse.
Gliding Patio Doors Gliding Patio Doors
Doors that open by gliding horizontally past a stationary door on a track.
Horizontal Gliding Windows Horizontal Gliding Windows
A window unit in which one sash movies (glides) horizontally past a stationary sash in grooves or tracks.
Transoms Transoms
A window set above a window or a door. Transoms can be either stationary or operational.

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