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We offer skylights and roof windows by Velux, Milgard and Solar. Each manufacturer has their own section on this page below with information about their windows.

Velux Skylights | Milgard Skylights | Solar Skylights

Velux Logo A room with skylights. Velux... Bringing Light to Life

Nothing transforms a space like natural light. The beauty it brings into your surroundings is a quality that no artificial light source can imitate.

Providing 30% more light than vertical windows, Velux roof windows and skylights deliver a constance source of natural light to your home. But they do more than just let light in.

Because of their unique overhead position, they bring light to life. They transform the room. It looks more spacious. Brighter. Lighter. There is a sparkle in the space that wasn't there before. It is there intangible elements that make Velux roof windows and skylights so unlike any other products.

So add Velux roof windows and skylights to your space and let the light in. After all, that light traveled millions of miles to get here. The least you can do is let it in.


Skylights energize your space by opening it to the sky. Fresh air and natural light fill the room to provide a dramatic difference that no other addition can match for the cost. With the benefits of added light and ventilcation, rooms are fresher, grander, and appear more expansive.

And in today's crowded housing developments, skylights provide not just light and air, but just as importantly, privacy, too. Skylights also leave valuable wall space open for cabinetry, fixtures, or whatever else your designs may call for.

Roof window diagram. Roof Windows

There's no better way to turn sloped wall spaces into living areas filled with air, light, and life than with a Velux roof window. After all, they're the only natural light products that can be installed in a sloped wall, provide easy access for cleaning, and meet egress codes. Velux roof windows are easier to install and one-third less expensive than dormer windows.

Comfortable and functional year-round, they are ideal for attics, bonus rooms, and lofts. Lastly, roof windows provide a dramatic impact to a room that, once experienced, will have you wondering how you did without them.

The Benefits of Our Unique Comfort Glass

All Velux roof windows and skylights come standard with specially designed comfort glass. Far more energy-conscious and durable than plastic, comfort glass provides unparalleled protection against heat gain and loss, fading, and condensation while meeting the highest efficiency standards and providing you with maximum light and a clear view.

So, you can bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home comfortably and efficiently. No matter where you live.

Energy Efficient

All Velux skylights meet DOE/EPA Energy Star approval guidelines, so they are 40% more efficient than the most common national building codes require. Add in Velux sunscreening accessories and energy efficiency is improved up to 20% more. This translates into significant savings in annual energy costs to you - all while making your home brighter and more comfortable.

The Velux Promise

As the world leader in roof windows and skylights, Velux stands behind its products with a promise of lasting service and satisfaction. That is a promise we have kept for over 50 years, and we are pleased to extend our promise to you.

We believe the best guarantee is the one you never have to use, therefore, we build quality into every product. We do offer the Velux 20/10 limited warranty for specific coverage issues.

Milgard Logo Milgard Skylights...

Milgard Skylight • Available as a fixed skylight to match your design and function. Maximum 16 square feet.

• Energy-efficient design keeps the weather out and saves on heating and cooling costs.

• Convenient curb-mounted installation.

• Optional Low-E glazing and tinted glass reduce heat gain and carpet fading.

• Select laminated glass for added strength and safety.

• Multi-lite and ridge-top capability (750 Series.)

• Guaranteed for as long as the original homeowner owns the home.

Solar Logo Solar Skyview Skylights... A beautiful way to save energy

A dark house during the day means lights burn overtime and electric bills go up. Why have a dark kitchen or gloomy hallway when you can let the sun shine in and save... with Skyview Skylights?

A Skyview Skylight admits up to 5 times more light than a same size vertical window, because it's asimed at the sky. Using all available light, from dawns first glimmer to setting sun, Skyview Skylights can transform small dark rooms into radiant living space. Turn the sun on, turn your lights off, and save with Skyview Skylights.

Designed for Energy Effeciency

Skyview Skylights are double-dome designed to create a thermal barrior between you and the elements. Sunlight is diffused in while heat loss is reducsed in winter and you are shielded from the heat gain in the summer... all done for free, compliments of the sun, and Skyview Skylights. Sky Rise Operable Skylights allow air to circulate freely without power consuming fans or blowers. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and attic areas. Create your own lighting effects by choosing from clear, solar bronze, or white translucent lens for your Skyview Skylights.

Solar skylight with color choices. Customize your home without sacrificing privacy

Whether you are remodeling or building new, Skyview Skylights provide a new feeling of spaciousness and sense of freedom, while maintaining your privacy. You can fill a room with the natural brilliance of the sun, without "letting the neighbors in" too. Skyview Skylights allow more unbroken wall space for creative interior arrangements. Rooms will appear larger, colors more natural and you'll achieve far greater illumination levels. You'll enjoy the healthier "airy" feeling... and your plants will thank you too!

Natural Vs. Electrical illumination

Recent studies show that with all energy factors considered, the savings realized more than justified the sample use of skylights. As fuel costs rise and the cost of electricity increases, the savings demonstrated by the effective user of solar lighting will be more dramatic.

Maintenance free extruded aluminum frames

Skyview Skylights durable extruded aluminum frames safely exceed every major building code requirement for noncombustible frames around plastic skylights, while increasing structural strength. Skyview Skylights have mitered and fully heliarc welded corners and are available in mill finish, or rich bronzed painted 6063-T5 extruded aluminum. Built-in condensation gutters collect naturally occuring inside moisture for drainage safely outside.


All Skyview Skylights are fully guaranteed against defects in workmanship for life from date of purchase, provided that such products are installed in accordance with Solar Industries' recommendations.

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