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An easy way to get directions from your current location to our showroom is to use Start by visiting their site (this opens a new window) and entering your address in the "Start" area (the "End" area should already have our address listed.) Hit the "Get Directions" button and a route should be displayed for you to follow.

You can also follow some of our more general directions:

Traveling the I-15 North (from Los Angeles / Orange County)

  1. Take the Main St. exit (Hesperia)
  2. Turn right onto Main St.
  3. Continue down Main St., passing over a bridge
  4. Turn left on I Ave. (Vons supermarket should be on your left)
  5. Continue down I Ave., pasing over train tracks
  6. Our building is located on the left side of the street
Traveling the I-15 South (from Las Vegas)
  1. Take the Bear Valley Rd. exit (Lucerne Valley)
  2. Turn left onto Bear Valley Rd.
  3. Continue down Bear Valley Rd., passing mostly restaurants and shopping centers
  4. Turn right on I Ave. (it's a sharp 60º turn, going up a hill)
  5. Continue down I Ave., passing mostly automotive shops
  6. Our building is located on the right side of the street
If you need directions from another location or get lost please call us.

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